Sustainable Luxury: Marina Vaptzarova

A collaboration with a sustainable brand Marina Vaptzarova during early November. In this post I am featuring accessories and jewelleries from the brand itself and clothes from Drichu to complement the natural textures. In a time of living up to fast-paced lifestyles and busy schedules, it is important to take time to slow down. This applies to our daily lifestyle habits and objects that surround us. I have experienced the positive energy when surrounding oneself with objects and accessories that are slowly made. While giving careful attention to details. 

YAK WOOL scarf, handwoven in Nepal. The immensely soft hairs are gently brushed, just before they shed naturally, from the belly of the Himalayan Yak found in the high plateaus between Nepal and Tibet. 

The handwoven yak wool also covers the NUMA-LA journal, creating a cosy and elegant aesthetic that sits beside Marina's innovative vegetable leather - made from plant fibers also found in Nepal.

The journal is adorned with a gold plated clasp, handcrafted in Kathmandu by renowned goldsmiths, preserving traditions from weaving, paper making, and metalwork. All assembled by craftsmen in Nepal.

THE TSATSALUNG ARTISTS sketch book  is designed to inspire what will be created in it's inner pages. Wrapped in a hand-spun cotton plaited cord to hold these creations safe. 

Teal Daphley (vegetable leather) KALANTI journal 

Teal and natural SAMLING bag produced with the most sustainable textiles: ALLO (Himalayan nettle) and hemp waste.

BRASS jewellery

The purse I am holding borrows a pattern from the Hmong, a tribe living in the Golden Triangle. This pattern is inspired by the HMONG BATIK, silkscreen printed on linen that wraps around the nettle weave base of the purse. And throughout this connection and inspiration from different parts of the world, the Hmong tribe meets a Himalayan tribe to create a finished product by Kathmandu's craftsmanship. 


TSARANG phone case 

TSARANG sunglasses pouch (below)

SAMLING bag made out of Nepal's most sustainable weaves Himalayan nettle and Hemp which is strong and durable. The bold red collection is my favorite.

Each Marina Vaptzarova product is the expression of dedicated quality and exceptional craftsmanship. In the manner of Haute couture, Marina Vaptzarova designs are one-of-a-kind. Made by hand at every turn  every page and fabric, every cut, fold, stitch, dye and print are patiently carried out by hand. Marina Vaptzarova is committed to donating 1% of sales to the Nepal Youth Foundation, who are dedicated to providing freedom, health, shelter and education to Nepal’s most impoverished children.



KOMONO Sunglasses / LEVIS Jacket / NEWLOOK Top / 
LINEN Trousers / TFT DULLA Sandals 

Something light and bright that falls against the dark and grey monsoon season. This was shot few weeks before by a very talented friend Santosh Chantyal.
Tan suedette tank with breathable and comforatable linen trousers was the choice as a base for my outfit. I wore a denim jacket over the shoulders to create a tonal contrast with the warm base and cool tone jacket. 

For the accessories I went with my favourite sunglasses for this season. The Shaun - acetate tortoise by Komono. These sunnies are trendy yet wearable and light weight. A simple rose gold watch to match the colour theme. 

Finally, finishing it with my tan brown cushioned sandals by The Fatory Team- Dulla which undoubtley are the most comfortable falts I own. But you need to be very careful and avoid any contact with water as it easily get wet. All and all it is a perfect summer sandals not quite for rainy days. 

P.S. how beautiful are those bougainvillea.


Celebrating Sustainability: The Ethical Way


Kaligarh pays tribute to the art and artisan of the Himalayan region, with motifs and designs inherited from generations past, re-crafting them into new forms.

WOVEN NEPAL PurseWoven is a Pokhara based enterprise that aims to empower women by providing them with vocational training and jobs.

AARAN Rings 

THOKA Necklace 
EKA Earring Studs

TAYO Necklace


ABOVE Picture:
Bracelets &

MUSKAN HANDMADE Tassel Earrings & Bags

Muskan is an effort to empower women through skills development in handmade products that entails economic opportunities and conscious living.

A collaboration that was shot earlier this year with One Tree Stop (OTS), located in Durbarmarg. OTS is a gallery shop that celebrates and connects local craftsmenship. It aims to serve as a platform for sale and promotion of exciting new Nepali products and producers. With this new concept, OTS draws together a fresh new curated collection every three months that emphasizes in promoting #MadeInNepal products.
As for the Spring Collection 2018, we shot the lookbook in a perfect coffee spot.
100% organic, handpicked and processed Karma Coffee i
s one of a kind coffee experience.

Photos By Chemi Dorje Lama

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