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My obsession with black clothing has grown over the year. What drew me was just how easy it is to create a look with black closet. It is effortless and timeless.

I'm wearing: Blazer: St.Michael from M&S , Blouse: h&m

Photos by Feature Studios



Trench coat is without a doubt my main essential when it comes to fall outfits. Paired with some basics that I wear on repeat. I usually stray away from colors, but this red loafers is perfect for this festive season that gave this look a whole new life.

I'm Wearing: Trench: Collection DebanhamsTop: GingerJeans: Denim co. , Loafers: dê là modé

Photos by my brother



There are some days when you don't want to dress up
or you are just too lazy to go through your closet (that happened to me today). So, wore this roomy sweatshirt and chucked my good ol' all stars and I am good to go...

Photo by my friend Mamta