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Sustainable Luxury: Marina Vaptzarova

A collaboration with a sustainable brand Marina Vaptzarova during early November. In this post I am featuring accessories and jewelleries from the brand itself and clothes from Drichu to complement the natural textures. In a time of living up to fast-paced lifestyles and busy schedules, it is important to take time to slow down. This applies to our daily lifestyle habits and objects that surround us. I have experienced the positive energy when surrounding oneself with objects and accessories that are slowly made. While giving careful attention to details. 

YAK WOOL scarf, handwoven in Nepal. The immensely soft hairs are gently brushed, just before they shed naturally, from the belly of the Himalayan Yak found in the high plateaus between Nepal and Tibet. 

The handwoven yak wool also covers the NUMA-LA journal, creating a cosy and elegant aesthetic that sits beside Marina's innovative vegetable leather - made from plant fibers also found in Nepal.

The journal is adorned with a gold plated clasp, handcrafted in Kathmandu by renowned goldsmiths, preserving traditions from weaving, paper making, and metalwork. All assembled by craftsmen in Nepal.

THE TSATSALUNG ARTISTS sketch book  is designed to inspire what will be created in it's inner pages. Wrapped in a hand-spun cotton plaited cord to hold these creations safe. 

Teal Daphley (vegetable leather) KALANTI journal 

Teal and natural SAMLING bag produced with the most sustainable textiles: ALLO (Himalayan nettle) and hemp waste.

BRASS jewellery

The purse I am holding borrows a pattern from the Hmong, a tribe living in the Golden Triangle. This pattern is inspired by the HMONG BATIK, silkscreen printed on linen that wraps around the nettle weave base of the purse. And throughout this connection and inspiration from different parts of the world, the Hmong tribe meets a Himalayan tribe to create a finished product by Kathmandu's craftsmanship. 


TSARANG phone case 

TSARANG sunglasses pouch (below)

SAMLING bag made out of Nepal's most sustainable weaves Himalayan nettle and Hemp which is strong and durable. The bold red collection is my favorite.

Each Marina Vaptzarova product is the expression of dedicated quality and exceptional craftsmanship. In the manner of Haute couture, Marina Vaptzarova designs are one-of-a-kind. Made by hand at every turn  every page and fabric, every cut, fold, stitch, dye and print are patiently carried out by hand. Marina Vaptzarova is committed to donating 1% of sales to the Nepal Youth Foundation, who are dedicated to providing freedom, health, shelter and education to Nepal’s most impoverished children.




First post of the year! Hope you all are having a good start!
Back with a quick outfit post featuring my winter staples. 

*BTW - are you guys aware about the feature on the blog 

where you can directly go to the website 
with just a click on the  ALL CAPS brand names!*






MATALAN Turtleneck 

 DULLA Loafers 

ALDO Watch

It is always a pleasure to work with the proficient shoe designer, Dulla 
and this time he has come up with a versatile range of footwear for the 
winter '17 collection. And for this non-black outfit I stepped into a smart, 
gradient tan loafers. It's the perfect style of shoes for those who want to dress up a little but still want to achieve the laid-back look. 
It is comfortable yet chic. This is also available in men's section with a slightly minimal finish. 

Loafers have been around for a long long time but it has been brought back on the streets inclusive of contemporary elements by the designers, making it the "must-have" shoe. Well the one I am wearing falls more towards- preppy and classic style of loafers. I constructed my outfit keeping the shoe as my base. I tried my best to not make it an all black outfit, hence I paired my favourite blue high-waisted mum jeans with a cozy white turtleneck and layered a long trench coat to keep me warm which also compliments the tan loafers.


"Click here to view the previous outfit on how I style a knee-high boots"

"Links are added on the bold letters" 



DULLA Boots & Bag GINGER Sweater Dress 

It's December! I had shot this look couple of weeks back but finally got the chance to post it. This being my first knee high boots I was very excited to style it. So I decided to go for a relaxed fit sweater dress in warm neutral tone that I bought last winter. I love the loose feel of the dress pairing it up with the rather chic looking knee high boots by Dulla. These boots are a great addition to my winter collection. It's suede, something I was always hesitant on wearing but it's actually very easy to maintain, " just use a clean brush or sponge and wipe it in one direction, Ahmed Dulla".

Photos by Nishon Shakya 
Location courtesy: Le Sherpa 

Happy Winter!



Styling the third piece from Teyang exclusive, this cool wrap blouse with my go to jeans and boots for an effortless feel. I love that this blouse is not restricted to a particular age group, it can be worn by all ages and can be styled in so many ways; with a pencil skirt for a formal occasion, or with a dress underneath.

I'm wearing: Pinstripe Wrap Blouse by Teyang Exclusive* 

Photos by Feature Studios



We shot this look back to back and for my second look, I wore this beautiful dress w/ piped sweetheart neckline that features a double slit in this timeless pattern. It's available for order so you can check out her page* for more info. Finishing it with a natural locks and dark lips
Love how the pictures turned out to be. All thanks to Teyang* and Feature Studios* for making this happen. Lots of love.

I'm wearing: Dress by TEYANG
Photos by Feature Studios



Suede was spotted everywhere this summer be it a button down skirt, a shirt dress, boots or bags and why not? It's soft, breathable and gives texture to an outfit. I have been repeating this outfit a lot and have no regrets. It's just so comfy and laid back. And pairing it with a structured backpack gives it an edge. I had a hair cut two weeks ago and have no regrets. I used to think that short hair required more attention regarding styling but it's a total contrary- my hair routine has become simpler and this radical change was much needed. 

I'm Wearing: Cami: Newlook, Trousers & Backpack: atmosphere

Photos by Feature Studios



Perfect for a day time and so comfortable to walk in. They are the burnish oxfords by D U L L A which are crafted in Nepal. The opportunity to collaborate with the proficient shoe designer Dulla Ahmed was gratifying. I love fall footwear and these oxfords gives off a preppy vibe and add a bit more flair to an outfit than simple flats. I should preface that I've never been much of a heels person but I have been converted. Moving on to the post I wore a very simple outfit making my shoes the focal point. 

I'm Wearing: Cami: Matalan, Denim/Blazer: d&co., Watch: Aldo, Oxfords: DULLA 



PEPPY OWL x Sanna's Vision - II

Following the previous post this was my second outfit choice from Sanna's collection. 
I adore this dainty white lace crop top, just throw it on with high waisted anything and maybe few silver jewelries for the summer.
 Also, wear a caged bralet to give it some interesting texture. 

I'm Wearing: Lace topSanna's Vision, Pants: max fashion
Photos by Feature Studios