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DULLA Boots & Bag GINGER Sweater Dress 

It's December! I had shot this look couple of weeks back but finally got the chance to post it. This being my first knee high boots I was very excited to style it. So I decided to go for a relaxed fit sweater dress in warm neutral tone that I bought last winter. I love the loose feel of the dress pairing it up with the rather chic looking knee high boots by Dulla. These boots are a great addition to my winter collection. It's suede, something I was always hesitant on wearing but it's actually very easy to maintain, " just use a clean brush or sponge and wipe it in one direction, Ahmed Dulla".

Photos by Nishon Shakya 
Location courtesy: Le Sherpa 

Happy Winter!



Stepping away from usually neutral color palette, wore a simple V-neck sweater from Ginger*. Easy to wear and effortless. I've been so busy lately that it's been great just to throw on a sweater with my black jeans and a pair of comfy shoes and call it good. Having a wardrobe staple takes out all of the complications of "what should I wear". Staying home today, because it's depressingly cold and raining outside. *stay warm people*

What I'm wearing: Sweater: Ginger*, Jeans: max*
Photos by Feature Studios*



If you ever felt tired of my lazy hand in the hair photos or just photos of me in general. This shoot with Feature Studios happened a few days ago. And was only possible with the company of a clown in disguise Rajshree, a fellow blogger. Feel free to leave your comments.
*coughs* *coughs* *drinks tea*

I'm wearing: Overcoat: CivilMall, Striped Shirt: Fashion Avenue, Jeans&Boots: UFO

Photos by Feature Studios



This sweater/blazer is slowly growing on me. It is the right length and goes really well with my rest of my wardrobe. Wore a basic black button down and a pair of coordinating brogues this time.

I'm wearing: Jumper:Lane 88, Sheer blouse:H&MJeans: maxfashion

Photos by Feature Studios